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The unimaginable is here – Uniting fashion with 3D printing and engineering like never before. This future-wise technology is here offering luxurious sustainable creations with no fear while celebrating individualism. There hasn’t been a revolution in fashion this century until now.

Diana Law Printed Accessories was established in 2014 and since captured the eyes of media around the world. From technology to fashion, designs were featured in leading publications such as VOGUE, ELLE, DAZED, KING KONG, Madame Figaro, and New York Post. It has also gained popularity from actresses and musicians across the globe, sported in concerts and gracing covers of magazines.

Based in Paris, the brand continues to thrive for innovative concepts and designs. In March 2019, collection IDENTITÉ was introduced combining precious gemstones with this high-end technology. Sapphires were greeted, for the first time, by German polymer powder carefully fused per point by laser, from the most advanced manufacturers in France and the Netherlands.

Fine Jewellery and Technology no longer share boundaries.

A new kind of luxury is born.