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3D Printing is Burning!!! Instant is the key to this generation while being aware of wastage. The 3D Printing scene adds a new element to conversations involving the reduction of plastics. In fact, there is no waste.

This future-wise technology is here offering sustainable creations with no fear while celebrating individualism. There hasn’t been a revolution in fashion this century until now. Make something happen, 3D Printing is the eco-friendly leader with print on demand.

Diana Law is defining the “Post-Couture” movement. Having abandoned her roots in French Haute Couture as a designer and art consultant spanning three continents to establish her 3D couture jewelry and accessories brand in 2014. Currently based in Paris, offering high quality 3D printed earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, headpieces and handbags all made with the finest materials and printing techniques in Europe. Her collections explore 3D dimensions through geometric lines and intricate forms uniting technology and elegance to each collection.

Trained as a professional Jewelry Designer, Diana also creates unique custom-made fine jewelry pieces for an exclusive clientele. With extended knowledge as a certified Diamond Grader, each of her one-of-a-kind creations unveil the true beauty of precious gemstones through its luxurious and innovative design.